Hownd Takes Action, Helping Local Businesses


Due to the continually escalating coronavirus pandemic, Hownd has made some initiatives to better support the “local brick and mortar” merchants they serve.

One that’s already been put into action is permanently eliminating monthly subscription fees on their Hownd platform to help local merchants conserve cash. “We strongly believe that, for certain types of services, businesses should only pay for results and what they pay should be reasonable and affordable – especially now,” said Brandon Willey, Hownd’s CEO. “Our Pay-Per-Visit pricing model means merchants only pay when Hownd brings them customers after they re-open.”

Hownd is also working closely with its merchants to create and distribute “Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers.” In the past two weeks, the company has generated almost $250,000 in new revenue for its merchants, they say. (Update: It’s now $600,000 as of April 2.)

“Given current market conditions, immediate access to cash flow is the lifeblood for local business owners,” Willey added. “When a consumer purchases a gift card or voucher, we immediately provide that cash to merchants, even though customers may not redeem until a later date. And, if the customer never redeems the gift card, our merchants still keep the revenue.”

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