How the States Are Reopening (And Closing Again)


Per The New York Times, here’s their latest interactive graphic showing how U.S. states are reopening – or, for many – reversing course and reimplementing restrictions.

While changing weekly, if not daily, hourly or even by the minute, all 50 states had begun to reopen in some capacity after the country went into lockdown in mid-March. Now, many have reversed their decisions, closing FECs, arcades, bars and other businesses. Others have put their planned reopenings on pause. Others are wide open.

Among states reversing course were Florida, California, Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. Pausing reopenings were Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Indiana, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut. All other states were going ahead with reopening or already reopened.

Of course, that could change. In fact, the graphic above may already be outdated. Be sure to head to this link ( to get the most recent news, and keep clicking on your Instant RePlay emails to get current happenings in our industry.


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