How Do Guests Feel About Reopening? LAI Games Shares Survey Results


More than 500 consumers (players and parents) responded to LAI Games’ recent survey, which aimed to understand customer thoughts before and after COVID-19’s societal influence. Results showed the greatest concerns about visiting out-of-home entertainment venues (see graphic below) were cleanliness of games, large crowds and general safety. However, nearly 150 people said they don’t have any concerns.

The respondents were mostly attendees at FECs, BECs, single-location arcades and movie theater-anchored entertainment centers, but also those who visit trampoline parks, restaurants with game rooms, grocery stores with a small selection of games and more.

The biggest incentive to get players back, they said, was new games or attractions, followed by food and beverage deals and weekly gameplay deals.

As far as questions regarding social distancing and personal hygiene equipment like masks and gloves, players were split. With social distancing, 43% of players thought locations need to take it “very seriously,” while 40% noted a slight concern, but said the location “should decide how to handle it.” The remaining 17% said locations should operate as usual.

Meanwhile, 71% of players plan on bringing their own gloves and masks, 17% didn’t plan on wearing any and 13% thought the location should provide it.

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