Holovis Makes Social Distancing App for Theme Parks, Attractions


Experience maker Holovis has developed a new app called Crowd Solo that aims at helping attractions open safely with new social distancing measures.

According to Blooloop, the app is made for entertainment destinations and includes reservation and queue-management tools with proximity alerts, “allowing operators to get a real-time overview of guest movements and to avoid crowd hotspots forming.” The app will be free to all single-ticket admission destinations like theme parks.

“We are committed to helping the industry that we love to get back on its feet as quickly and safely as possible,” said Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis. “It looks likely that the need for some form of safe crowd management will be around for the foreseeable future, meaning attractions and entertainment venues will have to adapt and learn to operate differently in order to give guests peace of mind and confidence to re-visit.” Learn more at www.holovis.com.  


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