Harmoney – August 2022


Harmoney Joins the Jukebox & ATM

Uniting Route Staples With an Eye on New Location Opportunities

A joint venture between Legacy Coin-Operated Distributors and Venco Business Solutions, the new “music and money” Harmoney machine combines a TouchTunes Fusion jukebox with Genmega’s Onyx-W ATM. (harmony and money, get it?)

The patent-pending product was dreamed up some three years ago by Ed Chermak, Legacy’s executive vice president. He first took the idea to industry friend and ATM specialist John Newberry, owner of Venco Business Solutions, who wasn’t so sure about it at the time.

Harmoney jukebox/ATM combinationObviously, something about the concept stuck with Newberry and the idea came back around in November 2021 when John called Ed up. Chermak recalled, “He asked me if I could draw something for him to give him an idea of what I was talking about.” The pair decided to go ahead and forge a path for the unique new product and debuted a prototype at this year’s Amusement Expo.

“From the prototype and the feedback from the attendees at the show, we turned around and went back to the drawing board,” Chermak said. “We brainstormed it a little bit more to go from the floor version to the wall mount.”

Added Newberry: “We had a lot of interest in the unit we showed at Amusement Expo and one of our good customers from Penn­syl­vania suggested we try to get the Onyx wall-mount ATM unit in it, which would make it shorter and much better for the jukebox use.”

Stepping up to help, ATM manufacturer Genmega made the Onyx’s wall-mount cabinet’s dimensions smaller (it now measures 33” W x 16” D x 71” H). Newberry noted that the company was terrific to work with: “Not only do they have a great ATM machine we can place in the kiosk, but they helped with the design,” he said. “They are a major worldwide company that makes a lot of different units. We are very glad to have them as a partner in this venture and looking forward to getting a lot of units from them in the future.”

In Harmoney today, the Touch­Tunes Fusion jukebox HD touchscreen measures 19.5” with a 16:9 landscape orientation. The Onyx-W ATM features a 10.1” wide TFT LCD panel with customizable ad screens, an electronic lock and much more.

“This unit will take up less space than the original floor jukeboxes even with an ATM installed in it,” Newberry explained. “The unit will increase jukebox play as well as ATM revenues, which will make more money for the customers. By the ATM being there when someone gets cash out, they will also be able to play the juke from the same place.

“Speakers can be hooked to the unit as with any other jukebox,” he continued. “The kiosk will have lighting around it with all electrical ability for both units as well as the ability to use a wireless unit to provide service for both units.” Harmoney is also offered with a Samsung self-contained, bi-directional bass and speaker package as an option when ordering that will be built into the bottom of the unit.

“We think this is a great way to get into locations you wouldn’t think about going into before,” Chermak said. To that end, Newberry added, “We think it will help grow the jukebox business as well as the ATMs. An operator will profit from two different units all in one space. We think a lot of large chain accounts will want to have them, too – it doesn’t take up much space and offers their customers great service.”

Solid Response

Even after seeing only the prototype in person, operators were impressed. So much so that there are nearly 150 pre-orders on the machine, which is in production now and expected to ship by September.

Happy with the unit in production, both Newberry and Chermak said that ultimately, operators will decide whether or not any further tweaks to the product will be coming. Said Newberry, “If any changes are needed, we will work on them for future orders.”

Harmoney will be sold through the TouchTunes distributor network (Legacy is one of their dealers). More information on the new machine be obtained by contacting those TouchTunes distributors or by phoning either Legacy (843-957-1999) or Venco (800-762-9962).



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