GT LIVE 2018 Updates Boost Over 10,000 Cabinets


Golden Tee 2018, the latest software update for the Golden Tee LIVE platform from Incredible Technologies, began shipping on Sept. 26 to machine operators across the U.S. and Canada. Operators were once again quick to install the updates into their existing cabinets by updating over 10,000 locations in under three weeks, the factory declared.

Golden Tee 2018 introduced five new and challenging 18-hole golf courses, as well as a wide variety of player customization and game formats.

This year, the changes don’t stop once the update has been installed. I.T. has announced time-released content that will be automatically activated throughout the year. On Nov. 1, new balls and club sets will be available for purchase, and a 4th Spin type called “release” will be added to the Spin selection that gives players more control on where their ball lands after a shot. In addition, holes from the 2018 courses will be added to Closest to the Pin and Money Shot game modes.

“The new features on Nov. 1 are just the tip of the iceberg”, said Don Pesceone, I.T. VP of Amusements. “In the coming months, we’ll automatically release two more 18-hole courses, bringing this year’s total to seven new courses. We will also release all new tee positions in the spring, making the 2018 courses feel brand new all over again. By keeping a consistent release schedule throughout the year, we can keep fans more interested and continuing to come back to play,” Don declared.

IT once again offered a chance for machine owners to enter AwesomeDraw, a drawing that awards more than $10,000 in prizes. Operators were automatically entered if they pre-ordered updates for all of their online games.


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