Gridiron Game Gets SoCal Spotlight


Remember the old paper football game where you thumped a triangle shaped “ball” back and forth across a table with a buddy? Game fan Steve Braun woke up with a start one morning during a business trip to Mexico, knowing just how to make take that to the next level and make a coin-op game out of it.

Click here for a YouTube video demonstrating the game.

Two years and somewhere between six and eight versions later, the Fozzy Football table game made its official debut on June 22 and 23 at the Copper Still Grill in Monrovia, Calif.

Billed as “America’s first full-sized electronic football game,” it’s pool table-sized (4’ x 8’) with shuffleboard action. Players shoot their pucks to the scoring zone on the opposite end, landing on spots that determine the result of the play (first down, fumble, touchdown, etc.). Hanging over the far edge scores an automatic TD. Right now, players enter the plays using a keypad, but Braun expects future models to incorporate RFID in the pucks.

Braun hosted the two-day launch to gauge public reaction and based on player feedback, so far so good! David La said it was “easy to figure out and fun to play. It takes no effort at all to learn the game and have a blast. I picked it up after just 30 seconds and I like it a lot.”

Braun is taking his baby on the road, exhibiting at the upcoming BCA (billiard and home leisure) expo in Las Vegas July 24-26. He’s also beginning his search for a manufacturer. Following the BCA expo, he’ll ship Fozzy Football to Fun Company in New Lisbon, Wis., to get their bid on the build.

“When I think about bar games, it’s been pool, shuffleboard, air hockey, foosball and darts for a long time,” he said. “I’m hoping this will bring a breath of fresh air to the table game space. I’m very excited and think it’s got a lot of potential.

“My vision is that it’s a competitive game and you get good at it. Then we’ll see leagues, playoffs and championships,” he said, adding that he also wants to have an app for Fozzy Football so players can build profiles and have a ranking system.

As for the future, Braun hopes this is just the first of many games for his company, Omnibron, Inc. To get in touch and learn more about Fozzy Football, email [email protected] or phone 626-623-9889. You can also check out this YouTube video:

The company’s website is


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