Goldstein Joins Parisi, Continuing Legacy Of Bulk Vending


IMG_0315Bulk vending vet Larry Goldstein has signed on as Marketing Manager of Parisi Vending (makers of the All American Chicken prize-filled egg vendor). Larry will work out of an office in Dallas, focusing on sales, distribution and operation of equipment and products. He will pursue plans to open a distribution center for Parisi’s line of machines and products in that town, plus also work to secure retail accounts with operators throughout the U.S.

Goldstein started in the bulk vending world at the young age of 16, starting at Oak Manufacturing Company, and is the son of bulk vending pioneer Herb Goldstein. The father and son later purchased Graff Vending based in Dallas, which later grew to have over 10,000 bulk vending machines in chain store accounts, 1,000 video games and several hundred kiddie rides. They worked with big names like Walmart and Safeway, and eventually had a joint venture manufacturing kiddie rides. Larry became president of the National Bulk Vendors Association in 1986, serving alongside the group’s VP Peter Parisi (the father of Parisi Vending Co. Frank Parisi).

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