Gold/Shelti Moves to New Digs


A new manufacturing home is on the books for Gold Standard Games/Shelti, just a few miles from their previous facility. The new plant (pictured below), at 3020 North Water Street in Bay City, Mich., represents a major step forward (and a big upgrade) for Mark Robbins’ company.

The previous facility, a factory with a rich history dating back to when Valley owned it beginning in 1947, had served Gold/Shelti well, but its age was beginning to show. Their new place offers comparable space and a modern work environment.

“My time with the company over the last five years has shown me that Gold Standard Games/Shelti has an experienced work force of dedicated individuals whose mission is to continue to provide its customers with the highest quality products backed by instantaneous service. This new factory will ensure that that work ethic will continue for years to come,” said company VP Paul Jacobs.


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