Your Privacy on the RePlay Website


On May 25, 2018, new international rules about website security and privacy went into effect. RePlay does not mine user data from its website, nor do we share user information with third parties. Should a user click on an advertisement, any traffic generated on the third party site may be monitored. Please review that company’s privacy policy.

Our free email newsletter is similar in nature. We provide opportunity for users to unsubscribe using tools from Constant Contact, the service provider. We do not give user data to third parties. On occasion, we do send emails to users on our list at the request of third parties. Readers may opt out of email marketing messages such as these. Click-throughs to links within news items and advertisements within each newsletter are subject to the privacy policy of that news outlet, individual or company.

We will post changes to this policy if and when the above conditions are modified. Questions may be directed to our main email address at [email protected].


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