GameTime Uses Semnox Upsell Feature with Great Results


Semnox recently reported that the FEC chain GameTime has achieved more than a 5% revenue increase with their upsell feature in the Parafait Klassic platform.

GameTime uses Parafait to manage all aspects of their six venues – from entertainment to food and beverage. They recently upgraded the software and customized a new interface for their Parafait Klassic self-service kiosks. Within days of upgrading the kiosks, Semnox said the company reported an increase in revenue by applying the upsell function.

“This demonstrates that we can have a far greater impact by refining what the guests see and when they see it,” said GameTime CEO Mike Abecassis. “While this change had a positive impact on our revenue, more importantly, it provided a better value for our guests. This simple change shows that we have a lot of upside and it is up to us on how to drive the process.”

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