Game Exchange of Colorado Adds to Team, Hosts Open House


Game Exchange of Colorado, a Denver-based distributorship, has expanded its team that focuses on FEC development and implementation.

On the sales side, they’ve teamed up with Craig and Terri Cohoon of Peak Performance Entertainment Group, a company designed to “help operators make it through the process from feasibility to start-up, providing services for top performance measurables.” (Craig also still works for Semnox Solutions as a sales partner.)

“With over 40 years of experience in the amusement-entertainment and FEC industries, the team at Peak has consistently accomplished top revenue numbers while always delivering the highest level of guest satisfaction,” said Game Exchange’s Rich Babich.

Matt MacDonagh, who previously worked for Game Exchange of Colorado, is back as their new lead game technician. He’s spent some 40 years in the industry, starting in electronic repair at Chuck E. Cheese in 1984. He worked at Game Exchange from 2005-08.

Matt MacDonagh

Terri Cohoon

The business also recently hosted a well-attended customer appreciation party, which drew roughly 240 attendees, which Babich noted was “a lot for a Colorado event!” The timing was right with many folks in town for the CAMO meeting and Bowl Expo.

They served hot dogs, burgers, chips, cookies, other goodies along with beer, wine, soft drinks and water. “We wanted to thank our customers, suppliers and friends for being who they are and what they mean to us,” he added. “We even had a bunch of cranes on free play and every kid left with at least one stuffed animal.”

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