Fun-N-Games Reopens Using Intercard Technology


Fun-N-Games, an FEC in Moneta, Va., reopened last month and recently reported an increase in business that they partially attribute to the success of their Intercard cashless system.

Owner Gary Ellis said he switched to Intercard in October 2019 and there was immediate boost in revenue – something that has continued since they recently reopened their business. “The first couple of months we saw as much as an 80% increase,” he said. It’s been a sustained increase of about 60%. Ellis reported that customers are spending more money per transaction than before since he can offer bonuses and specials.

“We were not expecting this strong of a surge this early,” he noted about the business’s recent reopening. “There’s no way we could have done that much business on quarters. It would have made a very tough day to try and pull that off on quarters and tickets.”

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