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PayRange celebrated its new products at this year’s Expo with a burst of confetti and a Millennial-inspired flash mob. During a company announcement headed by Founder and CEO Paresh Patel, a group of young PayRange-attired attendees stunned the attentive crowd with dance moves and lip-syncing.

A flash mob of selfie-taking dancers broke out at PayRange's booth during the final day of the Amusement Expo, highlighting the company's focus on smart phone technology and Millennials

A flash mob of selfie-taking dancers broke out at PayRange’s booth during the final day of the Amusement Expo, highlighting the company’s focus on smart phone technology and Millennials

PayRange’s announcement matched the energy and excitement of their performance as well. The company showed off its new BluKey Smart, an improved, more versatile version of their previous product that allows mobile payment on amusement and vending machines.

“It’s as easy to install as plugging a USB into a computer,” Patel told the crowd. “Any machine that takes change or bills can now be brought into the digital age.”

The BluKey Smart is designed with the operator firmly in mind. It allows a variety of power inputs (both AC and DC plus voltages as high as 240 and low as 5) and also has several connectors that give it flexibility to work with most machines.


PayRange’s new BluKey Smart is a versatile way to bring amusement and vending machines into the digital world.

“Amusement operators run a wide variety of equipment; everything from decades-old classic arcade games to brand-new pinball machines, redemption games, skill cranes, kiddie rides, photo booths, darts, air hockey and more,” stated Patel, himself a former vending and amusement operator. “It was important that PayRange design a device that would bring the convenience of mobile payment to these operators in a flexible package so they can self- install on all of their equipment. With BluKey Smart, we now have a robust device covering all of the bases for amusement operators.”

The device takes payment from credit or debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, and Patel displayed to the crowd how quickly the process can be completed. He mentioned that over 75 percent of their customers download the app while they are standing in front of the machine, and ensured that the app can be installed, loaded with funds and used to pay all in about 30 seconds.
The BluKey Smart also offers extensive data tracking and dynamic pricing, all of which can be controlled by the operator from their smart phone or computer. The company won two AMOA Innovator Awards this year, one of which was for their dynamic pricing program that allows operators to change the pricing on the machine instantaneously or schedule it for happy hours and other times.

Look for more news from PayRange in RePlay’s April and May issues, or check out its website at www.PayRange.com.


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