Fish Game Kings Staff Goes on Team Building Trip


The Fish Game Kings staffs of North Carolina and South Carolina recently met up for their quarterly corporate meeting and also did some team building exercises, reports company CEO and president Chad Belter.

He said both divisions met and went over their strategy for reorganization, which includes taking their North Carolina division team from one division manager to split responsibilities with four division heads (Inventory & Logistics, Production, Software, Process Engineering & Service).

“The teams were very receptive to the reorganization and excited to get moving with their new and expanded responsibilities,” Belter said.

He added that the company followed up their meeting with team building at Whitewater Center in Charlotte, N.C., where they did several exercises to get a better grasp of what it means to work together as a team.

“Many of the takeaways had to do with better communication and recognizing what it means and feels like to work together as a team – meaning that even though our offices are in several states and each state division has its separate divisions, it is essential for us all to work together from the beginning of a project to the final result,” Belter explained.

“This is done through building rapport with one another and co-elevating, co-collaboration and co-creating,” he continued. “I found that this created a fun environment between colleagues and teammates and was a great way for us all to see another side of us that we may not normally see at work.”


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