First VR Waterslides Open


There are VR roller coasters, VR escape rooms, VR sports competitions. Why not a water slide? James Milkes, son of RePlay’s Ingrid Milkes, recently found this ride while looking for a current event project. The Galaxy Erding water park in Germany opened the first virtual reality water slide. Called the VRSlide, the rider (who is still physically on an actual slide) wears a waterproof, wireless headset powered by an integrated Samsung Galaxy S8. The rider sees themselves in a space environment, as well as traversing a snowy landscape.

Ballast, the company that makes the VRSlide, views this as first step toward more aquatic VR setups in the future, where people could actually swim in “virtual reality tanks.” With climate change, this may be as close as the next generation gets to “swimming with the fishes?”


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