First-Ever VR Arcade Conference Approaches


 Organizers of VR Arcade Conference, the first out-of-home entertainment virtual reality get together, are reporting an “incredible take-up in support for the event.” With less than a week to go — the event runs May 2 to 4 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. — organizers were excited to announce the latest list of supporters. 

Leading developers and investors in the out-of-home entertainment community are backing the conference, as well as many firms interested in breaking into this new business sector. Vizuality Studio, a company focused on immersion through architecture, design and virtual tourism, has become a Gold Sponsor for the event, while Nolan Heimann, LLP will offer legal advice covering the emerging sector as a Silver Sponsor.

RePlay contributor Kevin Williams of KWP/The Stinger Report will be leading with a keynote address; Bob Cooney will be hosting panels and reporting for our Instant RePlay email newsletter and the June issue. The first day’s panel sessions will feature speakers from Zero Latency, Vizuality Studios, Virtual World Arcade and MantisVR, Figment Productions, Enterspace, Virsix and MediaMation. Software and hardware panels will include sessions from OSVR, PhaseSpace, VirZoom, VicoVR, Praevidi and Tactical Haptics, with Silica Nexus presenting on cross-immersive game systems that incorporate VR.

The sheer breadth of characters involved in this emerging industry should demonstrate the wide interest and potential it has. 

And these companies won’t only be hosting seminars; organizers promise that the exhibition floor itself will play an important role, highlighting the opportunities afforded by VR in a public space. The 30 exhibitors will fill the floor with an array of technologies, some bringing motion tracking systems, others VR-amplified bike racing games.

A “Hackathon” — an event that invites coders, designers, artists and more to collaborate on a project over the course of a day — will be held on the third day using OSVR development kits.

RePlay Magazine, along with other industry media outlets like The Stinger Report, InterGame, Innovation and Tech Today and VR Nerds, will also be supporting the show. For a full list and agenda, click here.

And as mentioned before, look for coverage in the Instant RePlay newsletter. If you’re not signed up, it’s free and easy. Either email [email protected] or use your phone and text REPLAY to 22828.


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