Editorial – February 2024


I’ve done a lot of person-to-person interviews over the years when the conversations almost always closed with the subjects praising their key employees for their roles in the ongoing success of their enterprise. And, it’s my bet there’s total sincerity behind those compliments, as every operator who has faithful and effective veterans on the staff well knows.

Many years ago, I attended AMOA’s very first Notre Dame seminar where I learned that apart from the financial aspect, employees appreciate comfortable job conditions and the occasional recognition of the value they bring to the task at hand, be that collecting from or repairing the machinery out on the field, in the shop or on the arcade floor.

The larger FECs have enough employees to warrant a full-time HR person responsible for all this stuff I’m talking about. That’s all well and good provided the owner and general manager take the time to say “hi” to line workers, even pointing out deficiencies when needed. Attention from the boss is always welcome.

I don’t mind a bit saying that RePlay puts out a surprisingly top-quality publication despite the fact that we only employ a staff which can be squeezed into one photo (the one you’re looking at). The shot was taken at our annual year-end party at Ingrid’s home here in SoCal. Such affairs are especially welcome these days when, thanks to the Covid pandemic, we all work from our own homes and only get together on occasions like trade shows.

I’m very fortunate that my people are pretty well-known in the coin-op business, and why not? Both Key and Barry have been working for RePlay for a whopping 42 years. Matt Harding, who’s been assisting Key with the stories for the briefest time of any of us, has been covering the scene like a rug for the past five years and already has a string of friends out there. Ingrid, whose last name used to be Adlum, has been here one way or another since we cut the ribbon back in 1975 and I’ve been doing this even before this at another magazine called Cash Box.

Our team is heading into 2024 with an optimism that this industry should continue to perform well. According to The New York Times, “Americans increased their holiday spending despite lingering inflation, spurred by a healthy labor market and wage gains.” That should translate into a healthy cash box for most and the security that comes knowing that. Happy New Year, one and all!


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