Fatal Fight & Protecting Guests


Shots rang out just before midnight Friday, Jan. 5, in the suburban Los Angeles city of Torrance at the area’s well-liked bowling and fun center, Gable House Bowl, leaving three dead and four hospitalized. The facts surrounding the shooting remain under investigation, and suspect(s) at large, but eyewitness reports indicate women started fighting, men joined in the brawl and finally it escalated into a fatal altercation when gunfire erupted.

As reported in the Daily Breeze, the bowling center had six security guards working at the time, the usual for busy Friday and Saturday nights, and they also do bag checks and refuse admission to those who appear intoxicated. By all accounts, security was doing just what they were supposed to. The Breeze said the sister of one of the victims reported that “security guards were trying to get the fight under control and started to escort people from the building when the shooter came back with a gun.” She said the shooter was near the entrance and fired at her brother and others.

From a business perspective, is there anything fun center owners can do to better ensure the safety of their guests or is this a sign of the times we live in? Please email [email protected] comments on best practices, emergency planning, speaking to the media and other thoughts you may have. (Comments can be attributed or anonymous, but please at least provide a city and state if you don’t want your name used.)


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