F2FEC Organizers Share 2021 Event Message


The Three Amigos Ben Jones, Rick Iceberg and George Smith continue to work on details and plan for their F2FEC RISE event scheduled for March 2021, but they said to potential attendees that there will not be a “mask-to-mask” event.

“If we can’t all meet face-to-face and engage in a manner consistent with the personality of the conference and its loyal attendees and followers, we will not hold the event,” they said. “From a leadership perspective, we will not ask companies to support the event or any individual to travel unless the world is safer than it is today.”

They also mentioned they’ve not asked any Alliance Partners to commit to sponsorship or write a check at this time, but are asking that you “be positive,” “remain optimistic for our industry” and save the dates of March 2-4, 2021.

The Amigos added: “While the three of us remain dedicated and determined to support the industry, we also feel that a new, bigger, badder, bolder event is needed. Stay flexible and pliable as we walk together through the uncertainty of unprecedented times. If you have questions or simply would like to talk about the industry or F2, please reach out to any of us. We welcome your input.”


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