exA-Arcadia, SNK Announce Samurai Shodown V Perfect


Video game manufacturer exA-Arcadia has joined forces with SNK Corporation to bring the long-lost Samurai Shodown V Perfect to arcades. Samurai Shodown is a series of weapon-based fighting games that began on the Neo Geo MVS system in 1993.

“Its unique cast of characters and distinctly Japanese worldview saw it gain a global fan base that remains strong to this day,” the company said. “Samurai Shodown V Perfect, a ‘director’s cut’ of V Special and the 10th game in the series, was due an arcade release that never happened and thus came to be known as the fabled final Neo Geo release.”

exA-Arcadia reports that the game will be back in arcades starting in 2022. Follow the company on Twitter for the latest news on the release.


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