Embed Adds COVID-19 Resource Center, Toolkit


Expanding its ongoing support of customers during the industry’s recovery, Embed has announced their new COVID-19 Resource Center, which features a toolkit to propel businesses through difficult times. Click here to see the Resource Center.

Embed is giving their Mobile Wallet and Mobile Portal to operators for free as part of their COVID-19 Relief Act, but they’re also giving operators a “comprehensive go-to-market toolkit to enable them to launch the service and drive uptake in their operations.” The toolkit has a range of marketing assets like social media posts, digital banners, posters and more. They’ve even developed a QR code system to make it easier to reload virtual game cards.

“The worst of times has the power to bring out the best in people,” said Embed chief marketing officer Sara Paz. “We’re inspired by it and wanted to be a part of it, so working on this was 100% feel-good, and giving it to our customers for free means more to us than I can properly express.” Learn more at www.embedcard.com.


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