Dodgeball Ultimate Arena Shipping Now from ICE


ICE’s latest attraction is now on the market, reports the New York-based company, noting that its development demonstrates their recommitment to R&D. Dodgeball Ultimate Arena is an interactive ball toss game capturing the nuances of the classic game of dodgeball and comes in deluxe and standard models. (Read more inside RePlay’s November 2022 issue’s cover story.)

Said company topper Joe Coppola: “As many have seen, this is not just a game, but a true attraction…and it’s earned like an attraction.

“It’s a game that once again promotes friends and families to compete in a fun, skill-based environment,” he continued. “Our R&D team created this arena atmosphere that sometimes will attract two, three or four players at a time. It’s awesome to watch people play and almost every play has people smiling, laughing, and genuinely enjoying the experience.”

The company said the grand size and number of targets for players to throw at has really set apart Dodgeballfrom other ball toss games. Giving players the opportunity to hit 14 different pop-out targets, five bonus targets and two stationary targets allows for many different strategies to get your high score featured on the arena jumbotron.

The ICE team believes this is the most action-packed 30-second game on the market and it continues to bring back the adrenaline rush and nostalgia of playing dodgeball in grade school. Dodgeball provides two different gameplay offerings – training mode for single player and competition mode.

Coppola credits the design to ICE COO Drew Krouse and his team of engineers. “Their commitment to creativity, but also designing games with operator challenges in mind, makes a big difference when our sales team is out there promoting our product,” he said.

“Plus, everything we design is built to be on location for 10-15 years or more. Again, we believe one of the things that separates us from our competition is that our 20-plus-year-old games are still being operated today, for which we continue to provide parts and service. Operators know when they buy an ICE product, it’s going to be well-built and withstand years of rugged play on location.”

The deluxe edition measures 141” x 123” x 132” and the standard edition measures 133” x 101” x 114”. To learn more about the game and other ICE products, visit


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