Delta Strike Installs 7D Theater in Nebraska


Delta Strike recently completed their first installation of the 7D Max Theater at Big Apply Fun Center in Kearney, Nebraska, according to the company.

Their 7D Max Theaters offer a turnkey solution for an immersive experience in a small footprint, they say. The attraction features full-motion effect cinema seats that provide a range of motions similar to roller coaster simulators. Additionally, the seats offer effects like air blasts and water spray. Customers can watch movies using 3D glasses or via 360-degree projection.

“The 7D Max Theater is a perfect addition to Big Apple Fun Center because it provides an experience people can’t get anywhere else in our market,” said owner Gregg Johnson. “It has the wow factor our guests crave, is easy to operate, fits in a small footprint and gives us another unique experience in our attractions mix with its cutting-edge technology and unique dome design that really draws customers to it.”

Delta Strike entered the cinema sector in 2020 when it partnered with Simnoa Technologies to become the exclusive distributor of their products in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

“Interactive cinema used to only be found in traditional movie theaters, but now it fits perfectly in the family entertainment center business model as a turnkey attraction,” said Shane Zimmerman, VP of Sales at Delta Strike. “The 7D Max Theater packs a big punch in a small footprint for an experience that customers truly can’t get at home.”

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