DC’s LED Revolution Goes Portable


Digital Centre (DC) is taking a new line of photo booths to the American Rental Association’s Rental Show on Feb. 27 in Orlando, hoping to capitalize on what it describes as its “ultra-portable” machines. DC says these booths are perfect for special events and short rentals where transporting hefty machines can be a burden.

The booths are customizable as well, offering the potential to display brand imagery, special pictures or nearly anything the customer would desire. Four of the photo booths DC will be displaying — the Strip, Mini I-Go, Nexus and Pocket — offer bright, thin LED displays for customers to evaluate their photos and enjoy.

The Nexus has a single, tall monitor, looking like an over-the-door mirror, while the Strip emulates the classic look of a photo strip with four separated screens.

The Mini I-Go and Pocket photo booths hardly deserve the word “booth,” says DC, since it looks no larger than the printer they must contain. Both feature smaller LED screens and are fully self-contained and ready to snap photos.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Feb. 27 rental show, click here. For more on DC., here.


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