Dark Slope Launches First VR Attraction


After securing $1.5 million in a seed funding round, the Toronto-based VR and AR developer Dark Slope has announced the launch of its first product, the location-based entertainment title Scarygirl Mission Maybee.

The funding will be used to add new staff and develop the year-old company’s free-roam technology.


Scarygirl was developed for large-scale multiplayer free-roam VR environments and Dark Slope said in a press release that it embodies their goal to design content that brings people of all ages together. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, it’s a first-person action game made for up to eight players.

Scarygirl Mission Maybee showcases our hyper-focus on developing multiplayer free-roam VR and AR experiences that bring people together in immersive worlds,” said CJ Hervey, President and co-founder at Dark Slope. “We’re excited for audiences to come and be the among the first to experience (the game) and to witness how incredible free-roam multiplayer VR can be.”

More information about Dark Slope is available at www.darkslopestudios.com.


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