Crisis, the Smallpox Vaccine & COVID-19


Connecting history with today’s pandemic, industry veteran Nick DiMatteo wrote about the significance of today’s date in history in an inspirational message to the trade:

“While the original Chinese meaning of crisis is ‘danger at a point of juncture,’ many business people, politicians and motivational speakers will use the Western reinterpretation of ‘danger-plus-opportunity.’ On this day let’s use the latter.

“For some of us, the ones we love are in danger and there is no denying that life as we know it will change. In the midst of this change, what will be the opportunity?

“It’s important to remember that on this 14th day of May in 1796 our world changed for the better. This is the anniversary of the day that Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine and started the elimination of the Smallpox virus worldwide.

“So, while you may not know what the opportunity is, or what tomorrow will bring, you do know that we have beaten worse and we will do it again. Stay safe and enjoy the good to be found in each day.”


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