Creative Works Unveils IAAPA Booth Theme


Creative Works has lifted the shroud of mystery they created around their IAAPA booth this year with the revelation that they’ll be moving into a quickly evolving new attraction: escape rooms! The company is getting in on the trend with Infinite Escapes, their themed brand of new escape rooms.

The concept behind the new attraction is simple: A group of friends are given a set amount of time to complete all sorts of different puzzles, riddles and more in order to escape from the room they’re trapped in. However, once a puzzle is completed, it’s hard for an escape room operator to encourage the customer to return (since they already know the answers).

According to the company, the focus of their Infinite Escapes-themed rooms will be to encourage repeat play from visitors. They say their puzzles are built with 20 years of design experience and are “modular, making it easy change the themes and puzzles of the room.”

“Anyone can buy furniture pieces and throw padlocks on drawers and compartments,” commented Armando Lanuti, an owner of Creative Works. “With Infinite Escapes, we want to raise the bar and give guests more than just padlocks. We want to provide an amazing themed gaming experience they won’t find anywhere else.”

The company says its Infinite Escape rooms are available now, and installations are expected to begin early in 2017. Look for RePlay’s feature on escape rooms in its December issue.


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