Crazy Quarters Arcade Gets to Try, Try Again


Three “pinball wizards” in Michigan opened Crazy Quarters Arcade in downtown Bay City in February 2020, but pulled up shop in August due to state regulations keeping them closed. Now, they’ve moved into a new location with the same name and are almost ready for take two.

Co-owners Brentt Brunner, Chris Exo and Jeff Palmer have remodeled and restocked, and will be reopening early this year, according to Second Wave Media. Their original location had more than 30 pinball machines and 15 arcade video games, while the new one is nearly three times larger, allowing them to deliver a larger, more eclectic mix of machines.

“We all have emptier basements and garages now,” Brunner proclaimed. “And we’re excited to bring families together again in the downtown corridor,” Palmer added.

Customer and now friend Joe Pastula, a competitive IFPA pinball player, is excited they’ll be back. “Having played all over the state, Crazy Quarters Arcade has some of the best varieties of pinball, they’re always adding new things and the upkeep is phenomenal.” Stay tuned for an official reopening date at or give them a like on their Facebook page.


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