Covid Relief Sought By FECs, Other Entertainment


While other industries have been singled out and helped by various government entities, FECs and other entertainment facilities have been overlooked.

Lasertron recently shared a message from Greg Hughes, the owner and operator of XtremeCraze in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, who discussed that our industry is in desperate need for financial relief but hasn’t been getting the same attention as others.

“Gyms are working to get a Shuttered Venue Operator grant for their industry,” he explained, citing the GYMS Act, which would provide $30 billion to the fitness industry if passed by Congress. “FECs and out-of-home entertainment venues are going to get left out if we don’t make some noise!”

Hughes implored folks to email their senators and representative to designate our industry for targeted relief in the massive Covid relief bill. Click here for a formatted letter Hughes and Lasertron put together to send.

“If enough of us take the few minutes, it could have a huge positive impact on each of our businesses,” he said. “We are likely to get left behind if we don’t make our voices heard.”


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