Country Club Lanes Closes, Nixing 42-Year Open Streak


For the first time since 1977, Sacramento’s Country Club Lanes has closed. Open daily since then, the temporary closure was forced by the coronavirus pandemic. Its president and GM Dave Haness was hoping to keep the track record until he retired next year. Instead, he’s faced the difficult decision to lay off 90 of the company’s 100 employees, according to ABC 10.

“It was horrible for just an emotional standpoint of closing the doors,” he said. “And even more terrible feeling when we had to look at our staff and that, you know, we’re closed for business and a whole lot of you aren’t going to be able to join us as you have, day after day, until we’re able to re-open.”

The business has been able to keep its café open, doing curbside pickup and delivery for the first time. They’re also providing free meals to employees for as long as they can. Learn more about the business (and support it if you’re local!) at


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