Cooney Hypes White Paper on Millennials, Hosts Workshops

The “M” word is one we hear over and over as those born between 1980 and ’96 continue to drive the economy. For many, understanding this tech-enabled, social generation has been a struggle, with multitudes of seminars, articles and more dedicated to learning how to attract and entertain them. Luckily, Bob Cooney and Kylie Savage have recently released a white paper detailing data about Millennials.

The paper goes into the many motivations of the diverse age group, and how companies have successfully tapped into their wallets. The paper delves into their perceived value of transparency, their hesitance to make big purchases, the importance of the AAMA’s Fair Play Pledge and combating the concept of “kiddie casinos” and much more.
Cooney and Savage have also announced a pair of workshops he’ll be hosting on Wed., March 14, in Orlando and on Wed., March 21, in Las Vegas. The workshops focus on disruptions caused by Millennial purchasing and how to alter your business to have a Human-Centered Approach. The full-day, intensive workshops will give attendees an understanding of human-centered design, why that is perfect for the Millennial customer and more.
One important concept to understand about the upcoming economic force comes right on the first page of Cooney and Savage’s white paper: “[Millennials] value community over achievement, experiences over possessions, and meaning over money.” That should work well for our industry, which has always been dedicated to social experiences that leave customers grinning from ear to ear!
Check out the paper yourself here.

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