Complimentary Breakfast. . . and Laser Tag?


7755107_orig According to, a Holiday Inn Express located in Baxter, Minn., has just installed a 24-player Helios Laser Tag System and an ARC Laser Tag Arena. According to the site, many hotels today are dealing with similar issues like those in the FEC industry, and are getting creative by adding attractions and performing renovations to appeal to new customers. HIEXS_mCMYK300dpi

The renovation was designed with the hope of attracting families who are traveling and looking to have some fun with their hotel choice.

“We knew that we had to renovate our hotel rooms which can be expensive,” said Chad Goedderz, owner of the Holiday Inn Express. “We already had a water park which families really enjoy, but we also wanted to offer a dry and fun option for both parties and older teenagers who stay at our hotel as well. We have over 300 hotel rooms that get used on weekends and that’s a lot of people looking for things to do while they are here.” 

For more information, read the whole story here.


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