Colorado Arcade Bar Can’t Open, Casinos Can


Though we’re sure he’s not the only one, Jourdan Adler, owner of the Denver arcade bar 1UP, is frustrated that casinos in Colorado have been able to open up while arcade games remain shut down in the state.

New guidelines allow for bars to reopen, but Adler said he wouldn’t be allowed to have any of the arcade games running, according to 9News. He doesn’t want to open the bar with a bunch of powered-off pinball machines and video games though. His plan was to have two machines off for each operational one to allow for physical distancing.

“We do understand the magnitude of the touchpoints in here, but we’re here trying to run a successful business,” Adler said. “We’re here to sanitize, we’re here to do things safe, and we only want to do this by the letter of the law.”

Adler told the news station he’s been in contact with the state and will be submitting a variance request this week to Denver County and Tri-County health departments. 1UP has three locations in the Denver area.

By the way, Coloradoans in the industry have formed CAMO (Colorado Amusement Machine Operators) to work on issues just like this. Interested in learning more or joining the association? Contact operator Bob Burhnam at 970-308-0610.


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