Coastal Amusements’ Snow Day In Stock and Shipping Now


Snow Day, a fun game for a younger audience, is in stock and shipping now, reports maker Coastal Amusements. In the game, kids are placed in the action as soft play balls “snow” down on their heads to be gathered and placed into a scoring hole. The more balls collected, the more tickets they win.

Operators are loving it, too. “Snow Day in a location geared toward younger kids is often a top 5 earner in the game room – even in a game room with top titles,” said David Leichus of Sun Star Vending.

Snow Day is one of the best games in our 130-piece arcade, consistently in the top 5,” said Steven Toranto of BHM Vending. “It is not only a great revenue generator, but the design creates excitement in the arcade, as you can see the kids enjoying the game from all sides and having fun. It’s truly one of the best investments we have made this year.”

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