Chuck E. Cheese Welcomes Players Back with Play Promo


The “All You Can Play” offer from Chuck E. is their way of coaxing customers back to some of the locations they’ve been allowed to reopen. The deal is you get unlimited play on all games, redemption included, as well as one free pause during your purchased time. Time-prices run from $13 for a half hour, $23 for a full hour and $34 for two full hours.

Chuck E. is also selling his new rechargeable coiled “playband” (at $8 and including $5 in play). Customers can also get time play by cashing in some of their play points. Chuck is further saying “welcome back” by offering a “Family Party Package” for $60 that includes pizza, drinks, game play, cake and gifts. Now, that’s a pretty inexpensive way to treat that birthday kid in the family, no?

Do you have a welcome-back promo that’s helping bring players back through your doors? RePlay would love to learn more. Please email the details to [email protected].


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