Champion Arcade Gamer Seeks High Scores on Joust


Nicknamed “The Joustmaster,” Lonnie McDonald recently made a stop into Wayback’s Arcade in Pineville, La. The champion arcade gamer is on a quest to max out the score on 250 classic Joust machines across the U.S.

According to KALB, he took about four and a half hours to beat the game at Wayback’s, and nears completion of his goal – having already posted the highest score on 246 machines around the country.

He holds dozens of records for playing the game, including the Guinness World Record in a Joust doubles marathon, and was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in 2016.

“As I started playing them, more and more people in the gaming community would find out that I was playing and they would say ‘Hey, there’s a Joust machine in this city, I have a Joust machine,’” McDonald said.

Wayback’s owner Jeremy Shepherd told the news station, “Lonnie is just a true champion and for him to even consider making us one of the stops on his tour is a huge honor.” His final four stops are in North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky… plus the last machine, which will be his very own in Kansas City.


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