California Theme Parks Could Open in June


Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain and all the other popular California theme parks could open as soon as June, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom, who recently noted the venues would be part of the state’s “Phase 3” of reopening.

“Phase 3 is not a year away. It’s not six months away. It’s not even three months away,” the governor said during a mid-May press briefing, according to the Orange County Register. “It may not even be more than a month away. We just want to make sure we have a protocol in place to secure customer safety, employee safety and allow the businesses to thrive in a way that is sustainable.”

There’s no official news on when the parks can open, but the announcement was promising since they’ve been closed since March.

While Disneyland has not yet submitted a COVID-19 health and safety reopening plan to the city of Anaheim, city spokesman Mike Lyster said they’ll be closely watching the phased reopenings of Shanghai Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Florida to learn best practices.


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