C.J. Barrymore’s Building Multi-Level Go-Kart Track


A new three-story go-kart track will be at Clinton Township, Michigan’s C.J. Barrymore’s facility by May or possibly in April, reports WXYZ.

Called Indy Skytrack, the multi-level track is currently under construction on one of the old tracks and will measure 1,500 feet in total. The $2.5 million investment includes a total resurfacing, a new rail system and a three-story vortex.

“The thrill of climbing that three stories and then plunging down should add some excitement to it,” said general manager David Dalpizzol. C.J. Barrymore’s, as longtime readers know, is owned by Rick Iceberg (also of Three Amigos/F2FEC fame). Learn more at www.cjbarrymores.com.


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