Brand Vending Touts Next-Generation Solution


The new Candy Capsule from Brand Vending is the future of candy and gum vending following the COVID-19 pandemic, the company says.

“With gum and candy being one of the number one products vended from bulk dispenser, it makes sense to innovate the way candy and gum is dispensed to the user,” they wrote. “No longer is the consumer going to accept raw candy and gum coming out of the metal chute and being touched by multiple hands. This new innovative method is safe, hygienic and portable.”

Brand Vending has partnered with an FDA-approved fulfillment center to assure quality and hygiene standards are met, and worked with Concord Confections and Tootsie Brands in North America on the new capsules.

“We are very excited to once again bring the first ever of its kind an affordable sealed candy and gum capsule to the North American market,” said CEO Scott Jochim. “Products like this help keep Brand Vending in the forefront and leading edge of the industry in safety and in access.” Learn more at


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