Bowling Rolling in Walla Walla


Stardust Lanes reopensStardust Lanes in Walla Walla, Wash., reopened on Aug. 31, shortly after the state’s Gov. Jay Inslee had loosened restrictions on bowling alleys a week or so prior.

It’s perfect timing for the relatively seasonal bowling business in the city, said owner Russ Hunt. “Our busy season starts in September, and by April 1 we’re normally done,” he told the Union-Bulletin. “Everyone thinks we’re busy in the summer, but we’re the ones you turn to when it’s time to put the boat away or when you’re not mowing the lawn anymore. No one likes the rain and cold more than I do.”

Under the governor’s guidelines, bowling centers can only open to league bowlers and those practicing with a limit of two bowlers per lane. No spectators or equipment sharing is allowed, and masks are required.


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