Bob’s Space Racers Makes Hands-Free Sanitizer Station


“Clean your hands with your feet!” says Bob’s Space Racers, manufacturers of a new hands-free hand sanitizer station. The foot-pedal-operated, self-standing unit allows people to walk away with clean hands without ever having to touch any surfaces, nozzles or knobs, the company said.

“The concept evolved while people were all at home going a little stir crazy,” said Ron Malinowski, BSR’s sales topper. “Glenda Cook, who’s the CEO, the founder’s daughter and also Jack’s wife, came up with the idea and then we started going crazy brainstorming. One thing led to the other with the foot-pedal concept, which is just brilliant.”

The sanitizing station is all mechanical, meaning no power necessary, and it has a small 16×16” footprint. It holds a gallon of hand sanitizer solution with an adjustable output. BSR said it’s built for high-volume operations, with each gallon dispensing more than 600 pumps of solution. The company will also customize them to feature your location’s logo or other ad messages.

BSR has been ramping up production in their Florida factory. Each station sold comes with a gallon of solution, as well as the factory’s usual support and warranty.

To see a video of the machine, click here. For more information, contact Bob’s Space Racers at 386-677-0761 or email [email protected].


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