Bit Bar Allows Entire Arcade Rental for Parties


The Salem, Mass., Bit Bar is letting customers rent out their entire arcade space to parties of 10 for private events in an effort to adapt during the pandemic. The cost is $225 for an hour and 45 minutes, $125 for the back room for the same amount of time, or a bit more during peak hours.

According to Item Live, the private rentals began in late November and averages between two to three rentals a day on Tuesday and Wednesdays when the deal is offered. They’re going to expand now to Mondays through Thursdays after the initial success.

“We’re very passionate about doing anything we can to keep the business alive while keeping a safe space where people can have a little fun,” said the general manager Eric Spackman. The Quarters, another arcade in Hadley, Mass., is reportedly doing a similar setup. Learn more at


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