Biggest Amusement Expo Ever: More Booths, More People, More Fun!


Amusement Expo organizers reported a stellar trade show that was evident all week long in the hosting Westgate Hotel and Las Vegas Convention Center. There was growth across all segments of the show, starting with the education seminars held March 18-19.

Jeff Blair (AAMA), David Kochan (NBVA), Luke Adams (AMOA) and Shane Tyree (BCA) cut the ribbon and welcome attendees to Amusement Expo 2024 on Wednesday, March 20.

The sessions packed in 541 registrants this year, compared to 404 in 2023, according to showrunner Brian Glasgow of W.T. Glasgow, and there were also 444 attending the VR Arcade Game Summit and 1,700 in attendance at the second day’s All-Industry Gala.

The show floor on March 20-21 held a whopping 205 exhibiting companies, up from 195 in 2023; 653 booths sold compared to last year’s 576; and 60 new exhibitors across 109 booths.

Overall registration was 2,490 buyers (2,267 in 2023), 2,189 non-buyers (1,984 in 2023) and a grand total of 4,679 attendees (4,251 in 2023). Some of those attendees – 119 in total – came over from the Pizza Expo (held at the Westgate) and the nearby Bar and Restaurant Expo.

Once again, Amusement Expo co-located with the BCA Expo with their 50 or so companies and 200 booths, and NBVA with their 11 exhibitors and 33 booths.

RePlay will have additional coverage and photos from the trade show floor in our May issue.


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