Benchmark Goes “Xtreme” With Towering Dragon’s Claw Crane


Dragons Claw Photo 3Benchmark Games will debut its newest crane, Dragon’s Claw, at next week’s International Bowl Expo. The jumbo crane features a fierce dragon marquee that moves along while the player tries to grab a prize.  (This is the latest addition to Benchmark’s Xtreme game line that includes other massive attractions like Monster Drop and Sweeper.)

At 11 feet, Dragon’s Claw is colorful and large enough to dominate just about any game room. But in order to accommodate almost any location, Benchmark installed an adjustable top that can be lowered for lower ceilings. Players are given a 360-degree view of all the prizes inside, which are illuminated and enhanced by LED lights and medieval-themed graphics. The company believes the attraction can stand alone or serve as an anchor within a bank of other games.

Al Kress, President of Benchmark Games, added, “We anticipate that Dragon’s Claw will become a FEC staple. It’s the first piece that represents Benchmark’s new direction, spirit of creativity and innovation, and deliberate product design.”

For more information, contact North American sales veep Paula Rinker at 888/538-1000 x125 or your local distributor.


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