AAMA Sweetens the Membership Deal


AAMA has rolled out its new Member Rewards Program (announced during the Spring Amusement Expo) as further incentive to join the organization. In a recent news blast, they framed it aptly:  “Join us. Pay less. It’s that simple!” 

With the new program, members will have discounts and rebates on over 150,000 line items for everyday things. AAMA Member Rewards are broken down into six categories: office administration, technology, capital improvements, equipment and supply, food and beverage, and service solution programs. The rewards even extend to a member company’s employee benefits program.

In order to maximize savings, a monthly rebate check will be sent to directly to each participating member itemizing the purchases made. Members will also have the Atlas web-based data evaluation program to help them track and analyze their buying. 

The association says the program is geared toward helping coin-op companies of all sizes with no added costs or commitments. According to AAMA, “If your company likes to save money, you’re a good fit.” 

For a full list of participating retailers and more details, click here.


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