Bar Owner Gives Extra Cash to Staff


Jennifer Knox, owner of a shut-down Georgia bar, is doing anything she can to keep her staff afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last 14 years at The Sand Bar, it’s become tradition for customers to write special notes on dollar bills and staple them to the walls and ceilings.

“I looked around and thought, ‘We had to get this money in the hands of people who need it,’” Knox told Good Morning America. A team of five volunteers joined Knox and her mother over more than three days of taking them down – careful not to rip the bills. With a few extra donations, the total came to $4,104, which Knox spread out to her six staff members.

“Everyone on our island works in the service industry in one way or another so there is a lot of need right now,” she said. “I’m glad we’re able to help in our own small way.” Thanks to Jersey Jack Guarnieri for sending over the uplifting bit of news!


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