“Back to the Future” Theme of Escape Room


Connellsville Escape Rooms in Pennsylvania is back… to the future! After a three-month shutdown, the venue has a new Back to the Future theme it reopened with last Friday, Aug. 7.

“We are just happy to be back open and be able to create and do what we like to do,” said Ann Nicholson of Appalachian Creativity Center, which designs and produces the escape rooms. She said the Back to the Future room came to be from her and fellow designer Shirley Rosenberger’s love of history, the ’80s and the time-travel movie trilogy, of course.

Upon entering the room, reported the Herald-Standard, players can be placed in four different time zones – representing decades that were featured in the Back to the Future movies – with the goal of finding parts to make the time machine operational within 60 minutes.

The cost is $20 per person with a limit of 12 people per room. Reservations are available by calling 724-208-1746 or by messaging the Connellsville Escape Rooms Facebook page.


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