August RePlay Sparks Fair Play Response


Jack Guarnieri, one of the oldest hands around coin-op, got his latest RePlay and emailed the following reply to our lead editorial on the subject of playing fair with crane operations:

“Your plea was noble, but only appeals to operators with a conscience. The players need to police the cranes on location with a Yelp-like review system. That’s the only thing that keeps restaurants clean and serving quality food with good service backup. It’s a ‘stick’ that the consumer has in order to keep business owners doing the right thing. It’s something that’s missing in our industry.”

Then Jack added: “Speaking about cranes, I had to laugh remembering years ago when I forced Eddie (Adlum) to add cranes to the charts. Eddie said: ‘How can you chart which cranes get the most play? They’re all the same. The difference only comes with the type of merchandise you put into them.’ I bet he’s happy he put them on.”


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