ATM Security Tips Offered


MVP Financial Equipment of Mount Pleasant, S.C., has produced a “white paper” on ATM security that’s available at no charge. According to company officials, the paper comes at a time when ATM crimes are on the rise in the U.S. with smash-and-grab raids and high-tech attacks (such as card shimming and card skimming) as the most common threats. They note that ATM operators are also seeing more ATM jackpotting and explosive attacks. Called Improving ATM Security, the paper covers a wide range of topics, including physical security, CCTV implementation, software, and more.

Founded in 2000 as an ATM brokerage company, MVP Financial Equipment today is a full-scale ATM refurbishment, service and parts distribution firm serving a worldwide customer base. Since its inception, MVP has specialized in the acquisition of low cost ATM equipment and rapid distribution to a wide network of financial institutions and equipment re-sellers.

For additional information regarding the white paper or MVP, visit the company’s website here.


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